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Jones was executed in Javier Suarez Medina 20 was convicted and sentenced to death. Fox called for a halt to the execution. Bush, a director of Harken Energy Corp. Corporate disclosure of the sale was filed months later.

Bush was a director at Harken. Her remains were found in near the Wharton-Matagorda county line following a tip from the family of a man considered a suspect in the case. The suspect had recently died of cancer. A film version was released in A sequel was to be completed by her great niece.

For 8 years he presided over the state Senate, made all committee appointments and controlled the flow of legislation.

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The paper went defunct but the list was continued by the Express-News. Robert Smith 22 , with an IQ estimated at 63, was convicted and sentenced to death. In Gov. Rick Perry commuted the death sentence due to a Supreme Court decision barring the execution of developmentally disabled inmates. Jessy Carlos San Miguel was convicted and executed in Huntsville by lethal injection on Jan 29, Bush notified the SEC about his sale of Harken stock.

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The officer was suspended, but later reinstated after a grand jury refused to indict him. Another 20 people were wounded. Investigators said the burn pattern in the house indicated arson. Willingham maintained his innocence but was convicted, sentenced to death and executed in Shortly before his execution an arson expert said the initial investigation was based on bad science and that there was no proof of arson.

LaRoyce Lathair Smith 19 was tried, convicted and sentenced to death for her murder. In his sentence was overturned by the US Supreme Court because jurors did not consider his learning disability and other evidence.

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He remarried three days later. In Ramos was convicted and sentenced to death. Ramos was executed on Nov. Her husband Jack was also beaten but survived. In Jeffrey Dillingham, hired for the murder by a stepdaughter, was executed by injection for the murder.

Democrat Bill Clinton, meanwhile, charged that Bush would short change middle-class students to finance tax cuts for the rich. Kelsey Patterson, a paranoid schizophrenic, was arrested and convicted of the murder. Patterson was executed May 18, A7 www. Martin E.

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Gurule was convicted for the murder and sentenced to death. Tourists came to see it. The IRS auctioned off Nelson's home and his property, though friends and fans bought most of his things and gave them back later. A shootout followed when Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents tried to serve warrants on the Branch Davidians; four agents and six Davidians were killed as a day standoff began. In the film "Waco: The Rules of Engagement: was released that documented the story.

In the FBI admitted that it used incendiary tear gas canisters but still maintained that it did not start the fire.

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An undisclosed tape recording of the assault was also disclosed in TMC, , p. Senate seat vacated by Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen. John Connally, who was wounded in the gunfire that killed President Kennedy, died at age Police soon arrested Jose Ernesto Medellin, who gave a written confession but was not told that he could request assistance from the Mexican consulate. Five of the six defendants received death sentences at trial.

Medellin was sentenced to death in , but the World court in ruled that his conviction, and that of 50 other Mexicans in the US, violated the Vienna Convention. In his case went before the US Supreme Court. In Peter Anthony Cantu was executed for his role in the rapes and murders. Garza maintained his innocence and in Pres. Clinton delayed the execution to allow an appeal for clemency. The delay was followed by a 6-month reprieve to study racial and geographic disparities in the federal death penalty.

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Garza was executed in A grand-nephew of the couple later implicated himself, his brother and Arnold Prieto. In Jan 21, , Prieto 41 was executed for his role in the killings. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, was indicted on charges that, as Texas state treasurer, she'd misused state facilities and employees. The indictment was dismissed for technical reasons; Hutchison was reindicted and later acquitted.

It concluded the department and Attorney General Reno made no mistakes and that the cult bore the blame for the fire that destroyed the compound, killing at least 80 people. In the title was followed up with a gospel-pop album of the same name as "sacred music for married couple. McGinn was convicted for the murder and sentenced to death. In DNA tests confirmed his guilt and he was executed Sep It was the fourth straight Super Bowl loss for the Bills.

Kay Bailey Hutchison acquitted of ethics charges after prosecutors refused to present their case. Beazley was executed May 28, Bush was elected governor of Texas. Le was indicted in Be Nice. Bush b. Bush had already picked Alberto Gonzales b. In Charles Bowden authored "Down By the River," an account of the murder and narcotics traffickers. Yolanda Saldivar was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. In an appeals court reversed the judgment.

Her diaries, some 2, pages, were scheduled to be auctioned in The IRS filed an affidavit in against David Waters and 3 others in relation to suspected murders and theft. Waters was later given another 8 year sentence on a federal weapons charge. All 3 bodies were identified in Mar. King 46 was abducted from a Plano supermarket, robbed and shot. In Saldano, an illegal alien from Argentina, was convicted and sentenced to death for the killing. In a federal court agreed to review the case.

Jones and Graham had had sex and the murder was reported as an appeasement to Zamora. The murder remained a mystery until Zamora confided her story to classmates at the Annapolis Naval Academy in Sep Zamora later testified that Graham shot and killed Jones. Zamora was convicted in Feb, , and received a life sentence with possible parole after 40 years.

Graham was convicted in July, , and received an automatic life sentence. In Barker beat Stanley with a hammer. Stanley sued Barker and Wright for conspiracy to seize the belt for their own benefit. Wright was bludgeoned to death July 16, He had married Anna Nicole Smith, a Houston stripper in A federal judge later nullified the court award.

A group of Texas cattle ranchers later sued her for her comments. Texas jury selection in the trial of Oprah began Jan 20 and she was acquitted by the jury on Feb 26, A3 www.