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Temporary license plates are required to drive legally while completing the registration process for a vehicle. If you purchase a vehicle from a private seller, you must obtain temporary plates in advance from an authorised provider i. To obtain a specialty license plates, you can apply online, by mail, or in person when you register your vehicle. A complete list of specialty plates along with their fees can be obtained from your local DMV office.

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It is possible to personalized most license plates in Texas. Personalization allows you to add a custom plate number as long as it follows these guidelines from the DMV:. Personalized plates require approval from the DMV before being issued. If approved, there are additional fees for registering these plates. If you are the owner of another vehicle or purchase a new vehicle, you can transfer your license plates for free.

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If your Texas license plates are lost, damaged, or stolen, you must obtain replacements from the DMV. Note : Old and faded license plates must also be replaced to ensure your plates are visible on the road.

Not shown are taxes, service fees, and any other fees required to obtain and maintain your license plates. Fees vary by plate type and vehicle.

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To obtain an estimate for registering your vehicle, contact a DMV office in your county. After submitting either your desired plate number, you can learn whether the plate number you want for personalization is available or not. FindByPlate offers you with a free search tool to look up license plates in Texas and any other state in the U. Most Texas license plates can be personalized to have a custom plate number. To register, the following is required: Titling documents Completed registration forms Valid ID Proof of insurance Emissions test results Lien information if applicable Payment for registration fees All vehicles must have license plates when being operated in the state of Texas.

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Types of License Plates in Texas There are a variety of license plates in texas in addition to the standard license plates. Other types of Texas license Plates include: Temporary license plates Specialty license plates Disability license plates Temporary License Plates in Texas Temporary license plates are required to drive legally while completing the registration process for a vehicle. In September we were the first county to offer Online Vehicle Registration, saying "Get online instead of in line.

To access this feature, click on the Online Registration Renewal link.

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For any questions regarding online registrations, please call the Online Centralized Renewal number at or the tech support Each day, our employees field hundreds of calls about registrations and titles. To view the most frequently asked questions with their answers, click on the Frequently Asked Questions link.

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A wide variety of forms are required to process the various transactions involving vehicles. To view or print some of the most commonly used forms, please click the Forms link. Customize your license plate, or choose from one of many license plates designed to pay tribute to the U.