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While area code may appear to be domestic, it is not.

Using Telephones in USA

This area code was created in the late s for the islands of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique, which, like the United States, use country code 1. Beware calls coming in from area codes , , and , which like are international, and are known to have been used for similar scams. If you have voicemail — as pretty much everyone does today — there is usually no reason to call back missed calls from numbers that you do not recognize, regardless of the area code from which they originated.

If a caller has something important to say, he or she can leave a message identifying himself or herself or send you a text message.

Eventually, people learned not to call back anyone with a number. Likewise, until shortly before the turn of the century, the Caribbean islands using the American country code 1 all used the same area code, ; scams were perpetrated, but, after a while, people learned to avoid calling that single area code.

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The latest crop of scams exploits the advances in technology — the implementation of many new area codes makes it difficult for most people to recognize what is a domestic number and what is not, and the proliferation of cellphones rather than pagers means that sounds of trouble can be played to victims, exploiting their caring about others in distress. How many people would likely fall prey to such a scam? To find an area code, scroll through the list, click an area code number range, or enter the area code below.

gigicreations.com/wp-includes/passaic/8758.php If you get a call from an area code listed as being unassigned, it is likely a telemarketer is spoofing the area code and phone number to prevent the call from being blocked or ignored. Area Code: Submit.

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Any area code listed as an unassigned area code is an invalid area code when it was last checked. If you get a call from an unassigned area code, it is likely a telemarketer is spoofing the phone number to prevent the call from being blocked or ignored. Home Help Phone numbers.

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