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I will modify your name for this and the other posting you made, but you'll have to use initials or a fake name in the future.

Posted by: bfhfh vhjj 11 Nov Posted by: Cais 11 Nov My concern about being publicly listed is that I have lately been getting mail for other people who share my name regarding very important things e. I've gone ahead and requested that my info be removed from the sites you listed, but since you mentioned that phone directies update their databases quarterly, I take it thst removing my contact info will be an ongoing process unless I get a new, unlisted number.

Posted by: Chris 14 Feb How can I ensure that my address is not online anywhere? My job is a little bit shady and I do not want anyone to be able to locate me via my name.

Remove Phone Listing

Posted by: Ali 15 Feb Someone has posted my number on the internet as a girl's number and I am fed up with the calls ive been recieving, please help me out by explaining how to delete my number from there. Posted by: Lucy 04 May I have always had an unlisted number and it is online and attached to my name and address. I think companies I buy from must sell the information. Posted by: bamboobunny 26 Feb In other words, you have to register on the site that has the listing for your phone number. I went through all of this removing my address from the internet. Now I have to go through all this again to remove my cell phone number from the internet.

Posted by: Just a Private Guy 08 May Ok, this info is useful, BUT Further, many of the services, like zabasearch. Many want a copy of your driver license!


Some will demand copies of your birth certificate or marriage license! Their gall is unlimited. PS It helps to mention "lawsuit" when you contact the snoops and demand that they remove your info Good luck.

How to Remove Yourself from WhitePages

This goes beyond the pale and should be illegal. That kind of stalking is not what "public records" were ever intended for. In this internet age, it is way too easy to violate people's privacy and boundaries, jeopardizing their security and peace of mind.

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Posted by: Jim Barker 08 Oct I have a new phone with a re-cycled number. The company that had the number is no longer in business. Their ads are still everywhere on the net and I am getting inundated with calls for this business. I went to the appropriate site on Google to delete the number and an error message keeps coming up stating url not on this server.

I have tried computers at work, home, and friends.

How to remove additional white pages listing?

Same message. You even do reverse directory and the business comes up. Posted by: Zachary Wayne 11 Dec Thanks for the useful information, I tried to delete my phone number from all these catalogs, but then I realized - there are so many of them on the Internet that I'm going to need a whole week to check all of them. Still, the pages you have listed are the most important ones, another suggestions to look up and remove personal information are YELP. Posted by: me 07 Dec Google no longer maintains a phone book, so that link is no longer needed.

Posted by: lori 23 Mar Can you help me remove my info from a website called "ypstate. I cant seem to find anywhere on their site to opt out. They say i can send an email to them, but then they will have my email address too, right? Posted by: khaliq 04 May There's more reader feedback See all 44 comments for this article. Comments of a political nature are discouraged. Please limit your remarks to paragraphs. If you want to see your comment posted, pay attention to these items.

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Remove Me, Please If you want to remove your listing from the most popular online telephone directories, here are the links and instructions to do so. Once you have located it, click the update or remove link. You can also send your listing include name, address, and phone number to webmaster switchboard. Then click on Is this you? They will then ask you why you want to opt out of Whitepages. Next, you will need to verify your identity with a phone call.

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  7. Type in your phone number, and they will give you a verification code to type on the next page. Make sure you check the little box underneath. When prompted, dial the verification code. The robot will tell you that your opt-out request was accepted, and may take up to 24 hours for your profile to be removed from Whitepages.

    Removing yourself from Whitepages will not remove you from Whitepages Premium. You can check out our post on how to opt-out of Whitepages Premium for step-by-step instructions. DeleteMe is our premium privacy service that removes you from more than 30 data brokers like Whitepages, Spokeo, BeenVerified, plus many more. Related Articles.