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Some security experts go as far as recommending you create random, unique answers to security questions like, "Where was your mother born? That's a high expectation for most normal folks, so instead If you plan to keep your Yahoo account, enable two-step verification. It's one of the best forms of account security widely available on sites like Yahoo. Two-step means that after you log in with your password as usual Yahoo will text you a security code, which you'll enter in the next step.

This way, only someone who has in-person access to your phone you can access your account -- even if the password entered was correct. As with changing your security questions on all services, take the time to enable two-step verification on other websites, like Facebook, Google, Twitter and so on. Yes, it's tempting to want to wash your hands and sever ties with Yahoo after such an egregious violation. But doing so can actually open you up to additional security headaches.

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We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Location Information. We collect location information from a variety of sources. These data collection technologies allow us to understand your activity on and off our Services and to collect and store information when you interact with Services we offer to partners. Information from Others.

We collect information about you when we receive it from other users, third-parties, and affiliates , such as:. When you connect your account to third-party services or sign in using a third-party partner like Facebook or Twitter. When we obtain information from third-parties or other companies , such as those that use our Services. This may include your activity on other sites and apps as well as information those third-parties provide to you or us. We may also receive information from Verizon and will honor the choices Verizon customers have made about the uses of this information when we receive and use this data.

We also may use the information we have about you for the following purposes:. Analyze your content and other information including emails, instant messages, posts photos, attachments, and other communications.

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Help advertisers and publishers connect to offer relevant advertising in their apps and websites. Contact you with information about your account or with marketing messages, which you can also control. We may associate activity and accounts under a single user ID. Carry out or support promotions. These analytics and reports may include aggregate or pseudonymized information. Provide location-based Services, advertising, search results, and other content consistent with your location settings.

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Combine information we have about you with information we obtain from business partners or other companies , such as your activities on other sites and apps. We provide you with controls to manage your experience with us. If you opt out, you will continue to see ads, but they may not be as relevant or useful to you. We do not sell, license or share information that individually identifies our customers with companies, organizations or individuals outside of Verizon Media unless one of the following circumstances applies:. With Your Consent.

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With Partners. We may share your information with nonaffiliated companies who are:.

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Trusted Partners. Learn more. For example, we may tell an advertiser how its ads performed or report how many people installed an app after seeing a promotion. When you use third-party apps, websites or other products integrated with our Services, they may collect information about your activities subject to their own terms and privacy policies.

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This information could all have been found on the web and was available to the public at large, meaning that none of it was sensitive, secure, or potentially harmful. A person's last name was required in order to find a phone number or address.

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Information found using Yahoo's people search tool was found in publicly accessible databases, online phone books, and public records. In other words, none of the information returned from Yahoo People Search was placed there without it being found somewhere on the web where it already resided. You could request to have your information removed from the Yahoo People Search listings by using a removal form.

Tracking the location of an IP address

However, this wouldn't delete your information anywhere else on the web. There are several ways to find people online. Maybe you only have their number and you want to see who the owner is.