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They have always been, and continue to be, a source of inspiration and enthusiasm. It can be used right from the outset in intermediate and advanced undergraduate courses, or as a supplementary manual at all levels — including the elementary one — to supplement the study of vocabulary. The guiding principle behind the plan of this book is the idea that students need to acquire a comprehensive control of concrete and abstract vocabulary to carry out essential communicative and interactional tasks — an area of learning that is often neglected by other types of textbooks for the simple reason that they are more focused on presenting other aspects of the language.

Structure and organization The layout of this textbook has been guided by its principal objective — to impart high-frequency vocabulary to intermediate and advanced classroom learners of Italian. The user of this book should thus have had some training in, or exposure to, the language beforehand. But it has also been designed in such a way as to be useful to those wishing to expand their knowledge of Italian vocabulary on their own.

In each one, words and phrases have been organized thematically and according to levels, so as to facilitate their acquisition. The units in this text thus cover topics that range from clothing and jewelry to politics and environmental issues. Teachers and students may, of course, deem it necessary and appropriate to supplement and complement the listings on their own. Levels Each unit begins with the listings of thematically related vocabulary.

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Sometimes, however, the separation into levels is dictated by other factors: e. At other times, the thematic unit of a category is what dictates the level in which vocabulary is put.


For example, the vocabulary used to name the parts of a car is assigned, as a single category, to level 2 of unit 12, not because it is less frequent than other kinds of vocabulary referring to the theme of travel and transportation, but because it would be meaningless to list the words in this category in separate levels in terms of their frequency.

Selection criteria The actual selection of vocabulary items according to level has not been shaped by any actual statistical analysis, but rather by my own experience of teaching Italian for nearly thirty years at the universities of Toronto, Rutgers, Perugia, and Lugano. My selection has been guided by assessing the probable needs of my own students. I have also Introduction 3 consulted the other excellently designed vocabulary texts published by Cambridge University Press in order to bring the study of Italian vocabulary in line with that of other modern languages.

In a phrase, the items in each unit are those that students will need to know in order to express themselves appropriately in all kinds of common discourse situations. Units on the arts, media, science, religion, and law, for instance, are designed to expose students to vocabulary that they are likely to encounter in the press, on television, in literary texts, and the like. Basic vocabulary is thus dispersed in the textbook whenever I thought it would be useful to do so.

Features Within a level, the vocabulary is subdivided into thematic categories. For example, in the unit dealing with clothing, the categories Garments, Footwear, and Jewelry, accessories, toiletries, and cosmetics are employed. Within each one of these categories the items are arranged in most cases in alphabetical order in Italian. Thus, each level is subdivided into thematic categories that are themselves organized alphabetically for ease of reference. This is intended to give the textbook both a pedagogical and a referential function. Items listed in one unit or category may be listed again in a different unit or subdivision of the textbook.

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This is required by the very nature of vocabulary systems themselves, which are highly sensitive to context. In effect, the meaning and use of any item will vary according to the context in which it occurs: e. This shows their gender. Adjectives are given only in their masculine form throughout. Whenever a concept can refer to both a man or a woman, its variant forms will be indicated if the case calls for it.

Exercises The exercises allow the learner to work with the new vocabulary in various ways — by focusing on meaning, by matching meanings, by translating, etc. This section of a unit is subdivided into Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Synthesis. Text work Two texts Text A and Text B taken from the writings of well-known authors are included in each unit so that the student can gain additional practice through the template of actual written texts that are based on one or more of the themes covered in the unit.

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Each text is followed by appropriate exercises and activities that further reinforce and expand the knowledge and control of vocabulary. Role-playing or game-playing This section consists of suggestions for role-playing or occasionally for game-playing, thus allowing for the utilization of the material covered in simulated interactive situations.

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It also contains suggestions for composition practice and for various kinds of interactive activities. Answers Answers are provided to exercises whenever it is possible to do so — i. In che modo sono differenti le seguenti cose o nozioni? Accoppia i sinonimi e i quasi-sinonimi.

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Descrivi le cose o nozioni seguenti in modo chiaro e semplice. Modello la foglia Le foglie di quella pianta hanno un colore verde molto vivace. Vasto negozio per la vendita di alimentari. Un tipo di negozio. Piano situato a livello del suolo. Negozio dove si vendono vestiti, camicie, ecc. Negozio dove si vendono oggetti per il cucito. Negozio dove si vendono oggetti vecchi. Negozio dove si vendono martelli, chiodi, ecc. Negozio dove si vendono carni, legumi, ecc. Negozio di libri. Negozio attrezzato per la vendita di alimenti dietetici. Negozio adibito alla vendita di carni macellate.

Mercato dove si vendono oggetti vecchi o usati. Mercato dove si vende il pesce. Il proprietario di una bottega. Dove si possono comprare tabacchi, sale, e francobolli. Dove si acquistano divani, sedie, ecc. Chi vende frutta o verdura.

Le foglie di una pianta nel loro insieme. Un recipiente per cuocere cibi. Stanza da letto. Trasmette programmi tramite onde sonore. Pratica della lavorazione delle risorse della terra.

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Il lavandino collocato nella stanza da bagno per lavarsi le mani e il viso. Stanza di uso strettamente privato. Stanza per la preparazione del mangiare. Level 2 8. Arredare la casa con mobili. Grossa pila portatile.

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Il piano al livello del suolo. La cappuccina. La parete.

Exercises Descrivi le seguenti cose o nozioni in modo chiaro e semplice. Le parole si potranno leggere sia orizzontalmente che verticalmente. Modello il bullone Permette di collegare due parti metalliche. Completa la seguente tabella nel modo indicato. Add as many cells to the chart as you may need. Types of cities, towns, etc. Again, add as many cells to the chart as you may need. Furniture il divano Objects, accessories, etc. I tulipani sono tutti in boccio.

Parts of plants and plant processes lo stelo 26 Unit 1 4. Si chiama anche scaffale. Associazioni simboliche! Poi discuti le tue immagini con gli altri membri della classe. Mi era stata preparata una stanza al piano superiore, che dava non sul mare, ma sulla campagna. Durante il pranzo, il bambino non voleva mangiare e la madre lo incitava con voce stanca, imboccandolo. Vilma non rispondeva, ma sospirava ed abbassava il capo. Traduci il testo in inglese. Discussione in classe. Per quale possibile ragione Vilma non rispondeva ed abbassava il capo? Pensi che Walter fosse un tipo simpatico?