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Map Illustration. The Flax Mill, as well as Sallyville, is located approximately. The Linen Board, in a lengthy report, lists the names of those individuals who complied with a requirement to return an impression of their linen seals and securities, urging other purchasers of linen to utilize caution in dealing with individuals whose names are not represented. In all, the names of individuals are listed from diverse counties; the names of 28 individuals are listed from County Monaghan, two of whom are Isaiah Breakey and James Breakey.

The date of issue for the following entry is 7 July ; page number reference is 4. A transcript of the microfilm version of the original document housed at the Linen Hall Library in Belfast is presented. In purfuance of an advertifement of the 28 th of April laft, requiring all lappers of linen cloath to return to Arthur Newburgh, Efq, an impreffion of their feals with their fecurities, in three weeks from the date thereof exprefly fetting forth that thofe who neglected or refufed complying therewith, fhould be difcharged; agreeable to the faid advertifement, the following herein named lappers have returned their fecurities, and all merchants, exporters, and others dealers in linen, are hereby defired to be cautious in buying linens, from lappers whofe names are not contained in the here inferted lift of lappers.

And whereas, it hath hitherto been found difficult to punifh lappers and their fecurities, where frauds have been committed, and that fuch frauds have increafed of late years to the difcredit and great prejudice of the Linen Manufacture of this kingdom, and there being an act of parliament paffed laft feffion, intitled an act to prevent frauds in lappers and others, and to prevent abufes in manufacturing of kelp, and to prevent unlawful combinations in weavers and others, it is enacted. And that the certificate of the clerk of the truftees under his hand and feal which certificate the faid clerk fhall be obliged to give to any fuch merchant or dealer fhall be evidence againft the fecurity or fecurities of any lapper or lappers.

This act takes place from October 11 th , , being the 1ft day of this laft feffion of parliament. The faid truftees think it proper to publifh fo much of the faid act in order to facilitate the execution thereof by perfons aggrieved by fraudulent lappers, of which all dealers are cautioned and required to take notice. A memorial of a deed bearing the date 18 July and registered 30 June between Rev.

As noted in numerous sources, the theft from bleach-greens was not an infrequent occurrence. The name of Isaiah Breakey next appears in the 28 November issue of The Belfast Newsletter with reference to just such a crime: page reference 3, document ID number Now we the under named Perfons, having a juft Abhorrence of fuch Practices, do promife to pay the following Sums annexed to our Names, to any Perfon or Perfons that fhall within the space of three Calendar Months from the Date thereof profecute to Conviction any Perfon or Perfons concerned in the above Robbery; and if any of the Perfons concerned as aforefaid, will in the Time above fpecified, difcover and profecute to Conviction any of his of their Accomplices concerned in faid Robbery, he fhall not only be intitled to the following Rewards, but all Means fhall be taken to obtain his Pardon.

Given under our Hands this 8 th Day of November This is an approximate birth date for Isaiah Breakey, Lismagonway, Co. Monaghan, father of Rev. Breakey, personal communication, 2 Feb He was born and reared in Lismagonway in the house now occupied by Mr. Breakey, 6. It is further noted that Rev.

As an aside, Ms. Hayes reported that a William Breakey is recorded on 4 November in Masonic Lodge of Rockcorry; in the same Lodge Andrew Breakey is recorded on 14 April personal communication to author, 2 April Lackey to Breakey. Boyd to Breakey. Isaiah Breakey of Derryard; Parish of Aghnamullen. Witness Wm Breakey of Drumskelt, linen draper. There is no townland in Co. William Breakey of Drumskelt, linen draper. And, once again, due to the length of the newspaper article only that portion of the article pertinent to Isaiah Breakey and John Breakey, County Monaghan, was copied and herein transcribed.

That we are ever ready and willing to obey the laws of our country in all cafes, where it is in our power, confiftent with good confcience and the fafety of our property.

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That it is with the greateft reluctance we declare we cannot, unlefs we fubject ourfelves to the rifk of perjury, take the oaths inferted in an Act of Parliament paffed this feffion, that are made conditions without which we are prevented from obtaining feals. That we will therefore never take out feals under that Act; and as we cannot in thefe circumftances carry on our trade without expofing ourfelves to grievous and weighty penalties, we are neceffitated and determine, to ceafe from this day to buy, or fuffer to be bought for us, any more brown linens, until we obtain fome affurance, upon which we can rely, that will enable us to reaffume our faid trade without the hazard of perjury or confifcation.

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That we are willing to give every reafonable fecurity upon our property, by bond without warrant as heretofore, for the faithful and confcientious difcharge of our duties as feal-mafters, and for the redrefs of any miftake or fraud we may commit. That whoever acts contrary to the general fenfe of the trade, ought never to be confidered as one of our body, or a friend to the linen manufacture of Ireland; nor will we on any pretence whatfoever, bleach any linens for fuch perfons who will not ftrictly and uniformly adhere to this our general determination.

This entry was accidentally happened upon in Belfast at the Linen Hall Library while retrieving other articles from the microfilm archives for photocopying. Secondly, To revife the linen laws, and diftinguifh between the ufeful and improper parts of faid laws as they now ftand. Thirdly, To fix upon the moft eligible mode of obtaining redrefs, in thofe parts which may appear grievous and unneceffary. Fourthly, To attend the Linen Board and Parliament, to explain and folicit fuch repeal or amendments as may be agreed upon.

Fifthly, To draw up a Memorial to be prefented to the Linen Board, praying their interference with government to have Ireland put on a footing with any other country in regard to the linen trade with Spain in the treaty for peace, and make report thereof to the next meeting of the trade, viz.

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John Willcock and Charles Duffin to attend parliament. Refolved, That if any of the above perfons cannot missing portions purchafed any linens that may be fealed with fuch feals after the firft day of February next. Refolved, With one diffenting voice, that it appears to us that a general market for the fale of while linens in the North of Ireland, would be highly advantageous to the trade. Refolved, With two diffenting voices, That Newry appears to us the moft eligible situation for the eftablifhment thereof. Trouten, Geo. Crawford, Wm Forfter, John Willcock, and Edward Shaw be, and hereby are appointed a committee any feven to be a quorum to digeft a proper plan for carrying the fame into execution, and bring to our next meeting.

Refolved, That the thanks of this meeting be prefented by out Chairman to William Needham, Efq; for his gift of land, rent free for ever, and a generous fubfcription to carrying this plan into execution. Refolved, That the thanks of this meeting be given to Jacob Turner, Efq; for his very proper and impartial conduct in the chair. To the Right Hon. And Hon. Truftees of the Linen Board missing portion who exerted themfelves in granting rest of article is missing. The peasant weaver had to do his own and the process was lengthy:. It required continuous attention and was, from beginning to end, primitive and disgusting to the utmost degree.

Between each boiling, the contaminated bleaching solution was rinsed out in the nearest dam or stream. The cloth was then spread on grass to dry after which it was again watered and dried. The boiling process was then repeated. Photocopies of both news articles were made from the microfilm archives, and the second article, identical to the first, appeared to be a repeat in the 24 — 28 Jan.

Refolved, That copies thereof be printed and diftributed to the trade for their confideration; and it is requefted that whoever may think any further alterations requifite will communicate the fame to the Committee, who are authorifed to meet at fuch time and places, as they may think proper, to execute that important bufinefs, three to be a quorum and give publick notice of every fuch meeting.

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Refolved, That when the Committee have propofed heads for forming a bill, adequate to the illegible trade, they requeft. To introduce the fame into the Houfe of Commons, and fupport it therein; and that they alfo requeft. Refolved, That we apprehend the time fixed by laft meeting to difcontinue the ufe of the old brown feals is too short, it appearing that a fufficient number of new ones are not as yet procured: We therefore think it neceffary to continue them one month longer than was then agreed on; and the above Committee is impowered to extend the time to two months if it fhould appear requifite to them and give publick notice thereof.

The Committee appointed to digeft a Plan for carrying into execution the eftablifhing a market for the fale of white Linens in the town of Newry, brought in a report of their proceedings, and requefting that the following perfons be added to the prefent Committee, their number being found infufficient, they are hereby appointed, viz.

Jofeph Grub, Alexander Stewart. Samuel Holmes, James Chrifty, junr.


Jofeph Benifon, Geo. James Boyle, Robt. Campbell, Kennedy Henderfon. Andrew Sayers, Jofeph Barclay. Jofeph Phelps, Achefon Thompfon. Mathew B.

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Taylor, Benjamin Thompfon. Thomas Greer, Charles Duffin.

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Refolved, That no perfon is competent to be one of the above Committee who will not be a fubfcriber to faid Hall. Having exerted himfelf in a very particular manner in our behalf, be prefented with an Addrefs expreffive of our gratitude, accompanied with a fervice of plate; and it is hoped that every perfon not infenfible of obligations will liberally fubfcribe towards a fum for providing the fame; and the following perfons are hereby appointed a Committee to carry the above into execution, viz.