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Before applying for a firearm licence you need to consider whether you are eligible and that you have a genuine need for the licence. When you submit your application, you will need to tell us why you want to be able to use a firearm and will need to provide appropriate and sufficient evidence to support your request.

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Your genuine need will need to be supported by the provisions under Schedule 2 of the Firearms Act Each type of licence category has different evidence requirements. You should familiarise yourself with the evidence requirements relevant to the licence category you are seeking to be licenced for. Before you submit your application you will need to complete the Victorian Firearm Safety Course relevant to the type of firearm licence before you submit your application. If you successfully complete this course, you will be issued a completion certificate.

Keep this certificate safe, as you will need to provide a copy when you submit your application.

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Some categories of firearm licence require a full set of fingerprints to be taken as a part of the application process. If the type of licence you are applying for requires fingerprints, you will need to arrange to have a full set of your fingerprints taken.

See National Police Record Check. The following new firearm licence applications must be completed online through the Victoria Police eServices Portal :. Other application forms can be downloaded from the Firearms forms page. If you answer 'Yes' to any of the medical history questions in your application you must also provide a medical report from your treating doctor supporting your suitability to hold a firearm licence and be in possession of firearms. Information about what details your health care professional will need to provide is available in this guide:.

Payment is not required at the time of application. If your application has been approved you be issued with a payment notice. This payment notice is confirmation that your application has been approved. You must pay the fee for your licence by BPAY or cash or cheque at a Westpac Bank by the nominated date on your payment notice. Once you have made payment you must take the payment notice and another form of identification to have your photo taken at an approved VicRoads photo point.

If you cannot attend a Victorian photo point you must complete and return to Licensing and Regulations Division Instructions when unable to attend an Authorised Photo Point in Victoria form:. The instruction pages attached to all licence application forms provide detailed information on the above requirements. Licensing and Regulation Division encourages all applicants to read the instructions carefully before they submit an application. If your application is incomplete or missing information your application will not be finalised.

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This could delay the final decision on your application. From time to time Licensing and Regulation Division will require additional information from you.

We will write to you and outline what we need. If you fail to provide that information within the specified amount of time the Licensing and Regulation Division may refuse to make a decision on your application. There is a minimum 28 day waiting period applied to all new licence applications. If your application is successful you will receive a payment notice by post with instructions for having a photo taken and your licence issued.

From time to time Licensing and Regulation will require additional information from you. In order to avoid delays, please read all of the instructions attached to an application form carefully. You will need to present a form of photo identification.

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For further information concerning Photo Point requirements, visit VicRoads. If you don't have BPAY you can still make payment for your firearm licence by attending a bank branch in person. You do not need to provide proof of payment at the photo point.

Just hand them your payment notice and they will take your photo.

Your licence card will be issued to you by post, you should expect to receive this within around seven to 10 business days from the date you attended the photo point. The first time you apply for a firearm licence, you must provide points of identification. If you have held a licence in Victoria before, but it has been more than 12 months since your previous licence expired, or if you have held a licence in another state, then you must provide points of identification.

You must provide at least one primary identification document and one or more secondary identification documents from the list below. All identification documents must be correctly certified by an acceptable referee. Full birth certificate or change of name certificate if applicable birth extracts, birth cards and commemorative birth certificates are not acceptable. Identification card issued by a tertiary education institution which includes your photograph or signature. Government issued identification showing entitlement to financial benefit and includes your signature eg.

Records from a current or previous employer within the past two years that confirms your name and current address. Confirmation of electoral enrolment issued by the Australian Electoral Commission which includes your current address. Statement from a primary, secondary or tertiary education institution that you attended in the last 10 years that confirms your name and date of birth. Membership records from a professional or trade association e. The identification documents you submit with your application must be correctly certified by an acceptable referee.

The person who certifies your identification documents must be the same person who completes the identification declaration section of your application. A certified document is a copy of a document or record signed and certified as a true copy of an original by an authorised person.

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