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We support the freedom of all homeschool families. We believe that every family has a leg Openminded Homeschoolers Avoyelles Parish.

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An all inclusive secular homeschool support group based in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana. We offer park days for homeschool families to gather together. We also plan fun and educational outings. Serving the Northwest Louisiana in and around Shreveport, Bossier City, Haughton, Benton, Stonewall and surrounding areas by encouraging, equipping, and supporting homeschooling. We have veteran ho Homeschool Gumbo is a field trip and CoOp group. Our homeschool families are spread out around Southeast Louisiana, with a central location of Denham Springs.

We are a team of families helping e We are an inclusive homeschool group for families in the Greater New Orleans area. All homeschooling families, as well as families who are considering homeschooling their children, are welcome to a Key Homeschool Association Jefferson Parish.

We seek to promote home education by providing information and vital resources to all area Home Information on homeschooling and information on the latest news and events about CHEF of Lafayette and homeschooling. CHEF of Lafayette desires to encourage homeschoolers and to be a support to th This group provides a supportive outlet for homeschool families to gather at parks on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

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The playgroup also has monthly field trips. Members embrace the importance of so This group offers support to any and all homeschooling families of Northeast Louisiana and surrounding areas. All members are treated with respect and compassion. This is a platform for planning ed Ruston Christian Homeschoolers Ruston.

Can Somebody Homeschool My Kids?

Shreveport Area Secular Homeschooling SASH is a support group whose mission is to host safe, welcoming, inclusive space for local homeschoolers seeking fully secular social and educational support. Southwest Louisiana. Are you considering homeschooling? Are you looking for fellowship with like-minded families? Do you need help on your journey of training your children?

We can help! We believe the most beautifu Whether you struggle with spelling, grammar, vocabulary, or just plain syntax, I I have been helping students to learn for 25 years. I am currently an online faculty member in a Master of Arts in Education program, but I'd like to stay connected with secondary students.

I have taught English for grades in three sta Continue to watch your child grow and succeed by having them work with a homeschool tutor. They can assist both you and your child by keeping them involved in healthy and fulfilling learning activities. HeyTutor has an array of talented professionals who want to see your child get all they can out of the schooling experience. Our tutors take pride in their work and help their students find their own passions by giving your child the time and attention they deserve.

Excellent tutoring will truly impact them in a positive manner.

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A school is a place where children shape themselves both as students and as people. When your student works with one of our tutors they will be getting both of these opportunities. Our professional tutors will sit down with your student and see exactly what it is that they need in order to thrive. If they are struggling in a certain class being taught, our tutors will take that class and go over the materials with the student. Then they will see what is working and what is not working, and based on the way the student learns a lesson plan will be developed.

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  5. This lesson plan will be rooted in several years of professional teaching experience that our tutor has accumulated. It will even be something that you can use when they are gone and class resumes. Our tutors do not just want to force your student through a class so that they get a grade and move forward. They want to make sure that your student takes the information and is able to process it in a way that will benefit them later on in their educational career and in life. Our tutors also truly believe that school is supposed to be a time for fun and that learning should be an enjoyable process.

    If your child is having issues with any topics they most certainly are not having fun. The majority of us know how difficult it is to be in a class that we are not doing so well in. If this is happening in your home it is probably causing a disconnect between you and your student when it is time to go over the subject. When you bring in one of our tutors this is exactly what they will be providing for you and your student. Since our tutors have such profound backgrounds in tutoring and the subjects they are teaching, they will be able to give both you and your student a one of a kind opportunity to learn the material.

    It will be taught in a way that sticks with your student so that they are prepared to take that next step. For many students, the next step will be enrolling into a real school. It can be a middle or high school or maybe even college. No matter what level of education your student is pursuing you want to make sure that they are fully prepared to dive right in and make an impact.

    The pace is going to be something that is quite different from being homeschooled. But that is not the case in a school setting and it is important for your child to understand this while also being prepared.

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    The best way to ensure this is to be matched with a homeschool tutor who has years of practice doing what it is you are in pursuit of accomplishing. You can find your tutor based on your needs, budget, availability, and location. Whatever you need we are here to exceed your expectations. Find a local tutor today who can help both you and your child hit the books in the best way possible.

    Need help? Contact our world class staff to help with narrowing it down to the most ideal candidate. Find a Homeschool Tutor Search thousands of tutors for 1 on 1 lessons in over subjects. As seen on. Tutors Other Homeschool.

    Found Homeschool tutors near me. Homeschool tutoring. Allison Ford. View Tutors. Megan Hesse. Monica Sullivan. Biology degree holder, specializing in science and algebra Hi everyone! The University of Texas at Arlin Luiza Carneiro. Tutor for Structured Finance with 17 years of Experience in NYC Over 17 years of Structured Finance experience, including leadership roles with major banks, accounting and pricing firms. Nicole Chini. Samantha Lester.