Background error checking in excel

You can use these options on this Formulas tab to control when the worksheet is checked for errors and what cells are flagged:. Enable Background Error Checking check box: Has Excel check your worksheets for errors when the computer is idle.

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  • Use the Error checker tool in Excel.
  • Turn off Excel Background Error Checking on opening the workbook.

Reset Ignored Errors button: Restores the error indicator and alert options button to all cells that you previously told Excel to ignore by choosing the Ignore Error item from the alert options drop-down menu attached to the cell. Indicate Errors Using This Color drop-down button: Enables you to select a particular color for cells containing error values from the drop-down palette that appears when you click this button.

Cells Containing Formulas That Result in an Error check box: Has Excel insert the error indicator and adds the alert options button to all cells that return error values. Inconsistent Calculated Column Formula in Tables check box: Has Excel flag formulas in particular columns of cell ranges formatted as tables that vary in their computations from the other formulas in the column.


Cells Containing Years Represented as 2 Digits check box: Has Excel flag all dates entered as text with just the last two digits of the year as errors by adding an error indicator and alert options button to their cells. Numbers Formatted as Text or Preceded by an Apostrophe check box: Has Excel flag all numbers entered as text as errors by adding an error indicator and alert options button to their cells.

Formulas Inconsistent with Other Formulas in Region check box: Has Excel flag any formula that differs from the others in the same area of the worksheet as an error by adding an error indicator and alert options button to its cell. A red triangle in the top right corner of a cell indicates that a user comment has been added to the cell.

To read the comment, hover over the cell containing the red triangle and a text box containing the comment appears next to the cell.

Disable background error checking

In Excel , a red triangle indicates a Note. A purple indicator in the corner indicates a Threaded Comment that is used to reply to an original comment and to add further comments. Under For cells with comments show , choose to show No comments or indicators , Indicators only and comments on hover , or Comments and indicators.

Excel options for creating, editing, moving, or deleting cell comments are located under the Review tab in the Comments section of the ribbon.

Share Pin Email. Updated September 25, These rules are turned on by default and monitor for common mistakes such as:.

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Formulas that are inconsistent or different from formulas in surrounding cells. Numbers formatted as text data. To turn off error checking:.

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Select the Formulas tab. To change the error checking rules:. Go to File and select Options. Select OK to apply the changes. The green default color of this triangle can be changed in the Excel Options dialog box.

Turning Off Error Checking (Microsoft Excel)

To change the green triangle to a different color:. Additional options to indicate and display comments are:. Displaying neither comments or indicators, even when hovering over a cell containing a comment.