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Drug screening? Employers may require screening and would be obliged to secrecy. If positive, the employer must be careful not to deny employment solely on the basis of a positive result. Immigration status? It is an obligation to inquire about immigration status and to resolve all migratory issues before hiring a foreign candidate. If the Migration Institute realizes that foreign nationals are working without permission, employees may be subject to deportation and the employer would be liable to pay penalties and fees. Social media? This is private information and direct involvement by an employer could be considered an offense.

Employers can use any information that is publicly available, but must never pry or infiltrate social media, email or other closed personal accounts. Before offering employment, employees may be subject to drug screening and must sign a waiver. While recruiting, employers need to maintain objectivity and must never deny employment due to race, sexual preference, appearance, color, religion or other aspects that may imply discriminatory practices. Is there a national minimum wage and, if so, what is it?

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National minimum wage changes yearly; for it is Ps Are there restrictions on working hours? In accordance with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Mexico has an average working week of 43 hours, which is legally capped at 48 hours per week. Everything above 48 working hours in a week is considered overtime, which is also capped at nine hours per week maximum three extra hours over three days.

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What are the requirements for meal and rest breaks? Federal labor law establishes that during a continuous working day eight hours per day , the employee must be given a rest or meal period of at least 30 minutes. If the employee cannot leave the workplace during the rest or meal period, the time corresponding to such periods is to be counted as time worked and included as part of the working day. How should overtime be calculated? Overtime is capped at nine hours per week maximum three extra hours over three days.

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What exemptions are there from overtime? In case of emergency or imminent risk at the workplace, the employee must work regardless of overtime. Is there a minimum paid holiday entitlement? After one year of employment, an employee is entitled to a vacation period of six working days.

This increases by two days over the next three years until the employee reaches 12 vacation days per year. Thereafter, the vacation period increases by two days for each additional five years of service. Vacations must be enjoyed during mandatory working days. Compulsory holidays are observed on 1 January, 5 February, 21 March, 1 May, 16 September, the third Monday of November, 1 December every six years , 25 December and any day that election law mandates to exercise the right to vote. What are the rules applicable to final pay and deductions from wages?

As a general rule of law, deductions in wages are prohibited unless the following applies:.

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In all cases, deductions must be warranted and in writing. What payroll and payment records must be maintained? All records must be kept by the employer as procedural burden of proof. Responsibility for employment conditions lies exclusively on employers. Payment records must be signed by the employee on receipt and kept safely in the workplace. Any and all payments made for statutory benefits must also be signed on receipt and kept by the employer.

EU Adopts Japan Adequacy On January 23rd, the European Commission announced that it adopted its adequacy decision on Japan, which allows personal data to flow between the two countries. This is the last step in the adequacy process and the decision is now in effect. Topics: Background Checks , Compliance.

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Jessica began in the Quality Assurance Department of Validity in and later worked remotely with the Research Department while attending law school. Search the site February Screening Compliance Update. February 6, Jessica L. Troncoso, J. A WISP has been a legal requirement since for companies that own or license the personal information of a Massachusetts resident, and must contain appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for such personal information.

Four Key Takeaways Companies reporting security breaches under the amended Massachusetts data breach law must disclose more information to regulators and consumers. Notification letters will be more readily available to the public. Companies must provide 18 months of credit monitoring services at no cost to Massachusetts residents whose Social Security numbers are disclosed in a breach. Companies that own or license personal information of Massachusetts residents should implement, and where necessary, update a WISP satisfying the Massachusetts legal requirements.

Follow the procedures required by the FCRA before you start compiling background information, including notifying the applicant in advance and getting the required written permission.

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  • Take special care when basing employment decisions on background factors that may be more common among applicants within a certain protected group. Be prepared to make exceptions for problems revealed during a background check that may be caused by a disability. Follow additional required procedures when you reject an applicant on the basis of information uncovered by the background check.

    Be sure you satisfy recordkeeping and disposal rules relating to background check results.

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    As with the other national implementing laws, though the leitmotif remains the same, Spain takes advantage of a number of the derogations under the GDPR including inter alia the following: Sensitive Personal Data : the processing of sensitive personal data e. Business Contact Data : there is a presumption that the processing of personal data of business contacts, where the sole purpose is to establish a relationship with the business, will be in the legitimate interests of the controller.

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    Medical Assisting Handbook My Favorites. Program Checklist PDF. Print-Friendly Page. Kovandzic, Tomislav V. Kovandzic, T. Marvell, and L. Kovandzic, Tomislav, Mark E. Kposowa, A. Hamilton, and K. Krouse, W. Krouse, William J. Kubrin, Charis E. Kung, H. Pearson, and X. Pearson, and R. La Valle, James M. LaFree, G. Langton, L. Lehnen, R. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Lewiecki, E. Page, G. Martin, and R. Liu, E. Bagalman, V. Chu, and C. Loeber, R. Loeber and D.

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    Farrington, eds. Loftin, Colin, and Ellen J. Loftin, C. McDowall, B. Wiersema, and T. Lott, John R.