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So lets just say the process which led to the order was legal. The victim was held another four days in the county jail which by law you once a designation is made they are to be moved to a OMH facility. Once he was sent to Elmira he was released within 24 hours. The victim was kidnapped on April 6, and held until April 12, , one day before he was required to appear at a DMV refusal re-hearing and another hearing on the 14th. They were setting it up so he would miss the hearings, lose his license and possibly worse.

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The victim saw this coming and planned for it. If he was grabbed he would have someone alert the DMV that he could not attend.

However the most ironic issue was he was released in 24 hours after being sent to Elmira because he did not meet the requirements he was sent there for which is the same thing they attempted to do when they sent him to ECMC CPEP where he was released in 16 hours. Click to enlarge.

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Click here to download copy of paragraph 96 of federal complaint from another former Erie County Assistant District Attorney. On August 31, , a victim of the overwhelming corruption that has been uncovered in Cattaraugus County New York, home of the most corrupt court system in the State of New York and possibly the United States was told by Cattaraugus County Court Clerk Jane St John he was not allowed to review his court record anymore because it was in appeal.

First of all it was not in appeal and second the public has the right to review any court record they please. There are some exceptions to this right such as family court and sealed records where the general public is not allowed access to, however the parties involved are. We have a fellow citizen, Stephen Schindlbeck, who lost his life at the hands of our public servants.

He was going to be charged with a two felonies yet he had harmed no one, unlike Catherine Ensell who is a very violent individual and her daddy John always covers up for her.

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This alleged suicide occurred in the Olean Jail. Do we remember the three suicides in the Cattaraugus County Jail that took place in a period of six months in and not a word about what became of it?

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A startling admission by court personal of the 8th Judicial District of the State of New York, they claim they are not allowed to discuss the job description of Andrew B. Isenberg, District Executive of 8th Judicial Office, i.

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Find Public Records Now! Jurisdiction: Civil Restricted Records: No sealed or youthful offender records released Countywide search requests made to the County Clerk are processed in the manner described below.

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Jurisdiction: Felony, Misdemeanor This court holds closed case records. See that listing for a countywide search. Also see the OCA for statewide searches. Jurisdiction: Civil This court does not hold closed civil case records; they are held by the County Clerk. Jurisdiction: Probate Public can search, but if court has to search there is a fee. Phone: Fax: Population Change : -4,