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Think they are in Canada. Yes people, you can claim sovereignty, but I highly doubt there is any gold you are looking for in the birth certificate pot. I have read a lot and tried a lot of the so called "look up how much your birth certificate is worth now" links. None of them have worked for me except the calculator links This is just some info that I've found for the people that are researching this. No one has listed any yet Please direct me to any I have missed in my search. I only have a 6 red digit number on the back of my B. I would like to gain control of the money menchened and oppered out so you think it would mess the gonverment if you grabed the money and gained control of yourself??.

Thank you all agean. Just discovered a type of "smoking gun". See above in edited article for the link will take you to the document. But of importance is the following quote found under Sec. Functions: b The appropriate definition of capital for Federal budgeting, including: use of capital for the Federal Government itself or the economy at large; ownership by the Federal Government or some other entity; defense and nondefense capital; physical capital and intangible or human capital; distinctions among investments in and for current, future, and retired workers; distinctions between capital to increase productivity and capital to enhance the quality of life; and existing definitions of capital for budgeting;.

Withdrawl and redeposit IN TRust, telling them what to do, create records. I have just discovered this subject today. I wasn't able to locate anything on Fidelity using the BC number in red, or the red number on the back of my SSN card. On the top left there is a 3 digit number then a dash xxx- over "State Birth Certificate Number" and that pulled up info, but I don't really understand what I am looking at.

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I am not seeing anything about it being worth million of dollars. I am also concerned that it is not relative to me just because of the number being so generic and only 3 digits long Is it worth it? Would I be able to work or make large purchases car, house, etc? I had the same results I don't have any numbers on the back of my SS card Hello people I'm in Australia Have been trying really hard at this guys!!!!!!!!!

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This may be a 'thing for greater minds than mine 'Can some one give me step by step instructions please.. It's doing my head in. Lee, I am not sure what the best way to go is. I have another blog about how we got into this mess in the U. There is probably a similar event that transpired in Australia to do the same thing. If you find the same thing, than your government has also been taken over by Banksters. For the U. For U. I focused on the Corporation and its relationship to the Justice System. Bill Brockbrader declared himself a sovereign being and based upon solid Law demanded his case be dismissed.

In that post I focused on the Corporation and its relationship to the Justice System. I am researching this to fight the government however I keep finding people off on a tangent. They are being deliberately lost in the details. I have done a lot of fighting for mankinds rights myself and contacted many leaders. This is about God, purely and simply. Your sovereignty lies in believing in God, doing the right thing by each other, this planet and God in a connected way.

Sustainably, responsibly, for the long term. That is the law both mankind's and God's Laws. These people who lead us believe in God big time. The Federal Reserve System has become a measure of world sinners. All countries around the world are signed up for it using central banks and a floating currency. Only one of those entities is God, the other 2 are demons. The Holy Spirit is God, the line from shoulder to shoulder across the heart, the other 2 are demons. Have you ever wondered why 33rd Degree Masons might consider that such an important number and consider themselves above all religions?

When you were born your government forged your name and created a Birth Certificate Bond.

That is because they believe in God. One in three of that awful cross is God and God alone. The rest which the sheep follow is rubbish. People actually follow that bible for details without understanding its purpose. MRA to your birth certificate details. If you look into your births, deaths marriages act in US it is the vital statistics acts you will find that children born in institutions are classed from what I could see as persons.

Many states have taken it up. Check out section 26 of that act. Anyone who goes into hospital, all person detail are collected. Only persons unless you are a very special case and go in off the books are classed as persons and hence so are your children. This person stuff is in their legislation too. In some countries it is hidden by the legal maxims of "includes" which means other things are excluded. It looks nice on the surface unless you appreciate this.

Birth Certificate Bond

In some countries it specifically states that new borns or however you call a baby, a child etc are classed as stillborn. Ie Dead forget the perfect legal technicality, this is just talking in simple english. Is this the origin of original sin? Hence people have become persons - not humans.

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What is the significance of this? Fast forward to your court system and the Oaths of your leaders. They are based on the King James V Bible. See Romans 11 in their world is the meaning of the Devil and there are 2 of those in that unholy cross - now isnt this an interesting code - I have found lots and lots of this. Persons are repeatedly slain, made slaves of, sacrificed etc etc.

With everyone signing up to corporations - not just for banking, I mean business, trade, welfare, government, court systems to sort their problems instead of taking care of themselves, each other and this planet they are classed as persons. People are persons when they focus on image and are sheep, follow instructions of a book, someone else's "expertise", a court, instead of people growing themselves. Under Roman Laws, Jorge Mario is at the helm when the devil rules. It doesnt take a genius to work out that is what is happening in the world.

As Washington DC is a world government centre Military etc , the laws there apply to all countries and their leaders signed up under corporates based in the US.

Birth Certificates and Bank Notes - Reality In-Sight

Even the IMF offices based there. God is the Judge whereas the Devil controls. All those who are into letting the court system and mankind's laws fix their problems are saying that they do not believe in God. The more the corporations and Jorge Mario rules.

I Searched My Birth Certificate Bond through Fidelity

The UN has become like a general secretary for the leaders. After a while it has become so familiar with the customer base its leaders , it has taken on the role of leaders. It has subverted their leadership roles. The UN in my book is a committee of the unwise.. Your leaders - even Barack Hussein are trapped. Why do you think there are such things in there oaths as God Save the Queen, So help.

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Hello to all. I am Ralf from Germany. I am strongly interested in knowing if our Birth Certificates also transferred into Birth Certificate Bonds or not. My problem is that our Birth Certificates do not have the numbers as in the US. Therefore I cannot check it as described above.

Has anybody an idea or can anybody of you tell me how to check it?

I would be very thankful for any advice. Thank you.