Pre 1980 decode vin number

We can divide Volkswagen cars into two groups that will have different ways of decoding their identification numbers.

What is a vehicle identification number (VIN)?

The first group is the vehicles produced prior to and the second one is the vehicles manufactured after There was no consistency in numbering the cars of the first group, so decoding might become a problem if you choose to do this. Let's consider the variant of using the Volkswagen VIN decoder after of vehicles. They all are made according to the worldwide ISO standards.

Each car possesses a non-repeatable digit code consisting of letters and figures and it is unique. You can search for the VIN code on the dash on the passenger's side of the windscreen.

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You can see it from the outside just near the wipers. Another location can be seen below the dash between the seats. You can ask the owner of the engine to guide you through the other locations where the VIN code is stamped or located on the sticker.

How to Decode a Porsche 911 VIN number

The first three symbols WMI of the number define the manufacturer and the continent where the car was produced. If you want a true American, search for figure 1 at the beginning of the code. If you possess no time for decoding and searching for the data on your own, use the Volkswagen VIN decoder to find out the data about the country of origin of your future car. You don't have to divide the code into parts, paste the whole piece and check what you need.

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There's a secret part of the number that indicates that you're looking at the American Volkswagen. Take a look at the fourth, fifth and the sixth characters of the code. We cooperate with: marketing service providers, web browsers, social networks, providers of tools for statistics and social network management, host companies, who can receive this data from us data receivers.

How to Read a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

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