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How do you know which ones to use where? You can also divide up your list strategically. For example, some of your keywords will be directly relevant to your business, while others will be related to user intent. You can also group keywords according to the topics you want to cover. Remember when we talked about keyword intent? A good content and marketing strategy will include all types. Once you have a final list of keywords, then you can use this information in lots of places in your content.

Using keywords to optimize your content is a whole other topic, but you can get started by using keywords in:. Recommended Resource: Do social media shares count the same as backlinks?

Google says no, but are they telling the whole story? Have your main keyword in mind and then use variations, so you write like a human being for human beings. See our guide on how and where to use keywords for SEO for more details.

Now you know how to use keyword research to choose the right terms for Google and help your target customers find your content. This guide gives you the highlights of this post—everything you need to choose the right keywords to boost traffic and improve rankings. How do I actually determine which ones to choose? If I choose a low volume keyword, will people actually find me at all? Hi Vivian, using a combination of keywords will help you be found. SEMrush has some excellent tools to help you with this.

We talk about this in more detail in our SEO guide. Thank you! Thank you for the excellent article on how to research which keywords are best to use. If you do not mind i shared it across me various social media pages. One of our sibling sites does have an affiliate agreement with SEMRush.

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Sharon Hurley Hall thanks for helpfull article post about keyword research, i think Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website. Well written and quite useful and easy to understand post,unlike many others. Semrush and Moz are among my favorite tools for keywords research. Hey Allyson! Thanks for sharing the information. I understand the keyword search for SEO is important to get high rank on search engines.

How to Find the Most Popular Searches Online

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Google released the most incredible tool a few years ago that allows you to find out how many people are searching on your keywords, globally and locally. Is anybody searching on your product? And how much competition do you face on the Internet? Screenshot of Google Keyword tool showing five 'remedy' keywords we are researching. I would rather tap into an existing need than create one any day.

Is your great idea trending up or down? I want a trend that is going up. Google made their keyword history available from through present on a website called Google Trends now called Google Insights.

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Google Insights tool shows upward trend of our 'pain remedy' keyword from actual traffic - Market Match color key in bar graph below. Google Insights bar graph showing actual search volume of each keyword. How much market research would my traditionally trained executives have had to go through to find what I found in three minutes? Once you have used the Google Keyword Tool in Step 1, you just download it to a spreadsheet and you get a more detailed grade on how much competition you face on the web.

Remember the rule, high traffic, low competition. Seems like an obvious choice. This gave our executives a list of about 30 competitive products.