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My family relocated to London when I was 10 and then, in , we moved to Singapore.

India beat Pakistan by 89 runs (DLS): Cricket World Cup 12222 – as it happened

By the time I turned 18, I was set to attend university in the US for four years, during which time the Indian elections were held. In June , I relocated to Mumbai.

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I filled out boring forms and stood in long lines to get my biometrics done for Aadhaar, the digit ID assigned to Indian residents. Finally, I had someplace my salary could be deposited so I could breathe easy. Nearly two years on, I still have neither. I was speaking to a year-old friend who has grown up in India and applied for a voter ID many months ago and still has no news. In Argentina , Friend's Day has turned into a very popular mass phenomenon.

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In Bolivia Friendship Day is celebrated on 23 July. In Paraguay, the eve of 30 July is used for giving presents to close friends and loved ones, and celebrations often take place in bars and nightclubs. This day was proposed by the beer brand Pilsen Callao. The objective was to recognize true friendship and differentiate its celebration from Valentine's Day.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Times of India.

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New Delhi. The Telegraph. Retrieved 18 September Oxford: Whap. Datas Comemorativas. March For tribal leaders the stakes are even higher. Police said they had surrendered their struggle.

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Vedanta boss Anil Agarwal is also amongst the top Modi acolytes. Agarwal is not alone in his fascination for the prime minister that he and other like-minded industrialists have financed to power; neither is he alone in getting away with violations. The GPFG exclusion list of Indian companies is growing and features operations that have major interests in metals, coal and thermal power. The report attributed it to disempowered officials and understaffed offices. If these shortcomings were sins of omission, there are graver sins of commission, such as a proposed amnesty for companies operating without statutory environmental clearances.

The intrepid journalist Nitin Sethi, writing for the Business Standard, put into the public domain news of these confabulations between government and violators.

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In public, the environment ministry and the power ministry have different stories to tell. The late environment minister Anil Dave, who died in May, told parliament in March that the standards would come into force from 6 December. The reality is that of the more than thermal power plants in India, none have complied with the standards.

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According to data compiled by the Centre for Science and Environment CSE , the rate at which the National Board of Wildlife has rejected industrial projects due to wildlife concerns has fallen from Modi wears the liberalisation of environmental laws as a badge of success, bragging about it in newspaper interviews. He and Adani know that sweeping aside environmental protections and ambitions can make industrialists — and by extension their political patronage — very, very rich.

Way back in , before Modi became chief minister, the Gujarat Maritime Board approved a captive jetty at the Mundra port.

In the Mundra Special Economic Zone, a concession granted to Adani by the state government, there had been 3, hectares of mangroves.