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It gets into your head. This all shifts. Artists put out one good song. A lot of it is marketing to how people listen. HPR : I do feel like, in the last few years, records have been coming back. I love when I run into a person and they say, I love this! And I just say, I have no idea what that is. That excites me. Dean SIme : You can get almost everything on a record now.

I think CDs still technically outsell records. HPR : I just feel like we were talking about how people listen to music now. Dean Sime : Novelty- I resist the novelty part a little bit. I think the novelty part has gone away now for the last couple years.

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Now I think people are like committed, the people who are doing it. What I found is people, like your parents who had records as a kid. Kids sometimes too, get together and listen to some records. Dean Sime : Well if they had the Beatles, you should go dig through their records. Is it mostly private collectors? Are some of the local stores involved? Dean Sime : Yes. This year, none of the local stores are involved. I never thought I would have a record fair with a bunch of stores.

They have their stores all year round. If I want to see what they got, I can go down there anytime. Dean Sime : Umm. It goes all over the place. When I try new music, I like to buy it, take it home, put it on the stereo and listen to it. I like to commit.

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I buy lots of stuff unheard. I read something about it or the record looks cool. Sometimes, I just surprise myself. Sometimes its labels or regions of the world. HPR : Where do you find all these collectors, do we have that many collectors in Fargo? This year, we have 40 tables rented right now. A lot backed out that usually do it but I have a few new ones. HPR : If you had advice for people coming to the record fair, what would you tell them? Look at everything and be open to finding something new and fun. HPR : What would you recommend for getting started, like getting a stereo to listen on?

Dean Sime : You can get a really nice stereo for not a lot of money. Get an old, used turntable, an old receiver and some old speakers. To learn more about the fair and Dean, there is a short documentary called A Perfect Record. You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram, counting down the days to the fair. This year, they will be filling up the Tak Music venue in Dilworth. The fair is open to all and will have vinyl, CDs and merchandise. Find something weird, make a commitment and join the conversation.

By Lonna Whitinglonnawhiting gmail. By Kris Gruberperriex1 gmail. Her areas of expertise include Essential Oil, Cupping, Swedish,…. Thursday, November 14, p. The Plains Art Museum, 1st Ave.

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Kahlhamer works with a range of media from sculpture and…. By Waylon Hedegaardretiringwithcats gmail. Nor do…. Silver Platters is a locally owned independent music and movie chain with three stores based in the greater Seattle area. We pride ourselves on our staff knowledge, customer service, and selection. We started out in only carrying CDs, but have expanded over the years to have great vinyl sections in all the stores now and have a really nice book section in our largest store.

We have large selections in back catalog, jazz, folk and blues. We also have one of the best classical music sections in the U. I started as a part time employee with Silver Platters because of my love of music and wanting to learn even more. Silver Platters was locally owned and I was drawn to that rather than working at Tower, Peaches or any of the other national chains around at that time.

Through the years I became a manager, buyer, part owner and am now the sole owner of the business. We are doing better this year than any year since New catalog sales have doing really well and our used business just keeps growing. Customer base and location are also very important.

The one thing that has that has become much tougher for not just independent record stores, but for any small, independent business, is that land owners and property managers have made it much tougher for independent businesses to survive. Landlords are looking more for the bigger corporate business as a tenant or redevelopment out of retail in order to make more money. This makes it hard to keep a small, independent business in good retail locations for any length of time.

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Any in-store around a new release by an act is great. Well thought out added values always helps to make the customers happy, help sell new product, and at the same time make us and the labels cool.

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The special cassette version of the new Sword album has been very successful recently for us. Aggressive sales on good back catalog titles really helps. Last and most important, all the help the music industry has put into making Record Store Day and all that revolves around that a great success has been wonderful!

For people to still come in, look around, learn, enjoy, hold the product, buy and discuss the culture that is the ever growing history of music, movies, and whatever else the store may carry. Record stores help establish and maintain local neighborhood communities, which is good for everyone. Any good pork taco. What a limiting question for a music lover. And you can't say the customers. Working in them with the employees and customers. But the reality is that the Sunshine State has long incubated a strong musical sense, especially when it comes to record stores. Hear Again is one of the names that should be a constant in that conversation.

About the Author

Hear Again has been a staple to the Gainesville music scene since I started working at Hear Again fresh out of high school in After a few years of full-time employment, I took the opportunity to decrease my hours just a little and get my butt into the University of Florida. After graduating with a BA in English and watching business decline considerably, I decided that I wanted to own the shop and make some drastic changes to help steer her through the declining wave of record stores across the country.

When it comes to my music collection, I've always preferred the physical medium to digital storage. The first thing I do when I go to another city is put my stuff down and immediately head to the local record shops. It's always been that way for me and it always will be. They could always be better. Gainesville was just highlighted as being number one in illegal downloading.

I'm obsessed with changing that by promoting a higher quality in sound.

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The move downtown and shift to new vinyl in definitely helped. We are at the mercy of our distributors. Used vinyl is everywhere and can often be obtained and "flipped" at low cost, but a lot of people prefer new vinyl because they prefer a perfectly clean record. One of my biggest satisfactions in life is playing a record for the first time and then adding it to my collection. If all distributors including one-stops offer the product at a good price, that good price can be extended to the customer with the shop retaining a respectable profit that will undoubtedly be applied to the next order as well as payroll, rent, utilities.

We need record stores because we need a source for new music that doesn't involve the "if you like X, you might like Y" logarithm we have grown accustomed to online. Most of those choices are lumped together by what people buy or what label the band is on rather than what the music actually sounds like. There is a social dynamic that exists in listening to records and it is exclusive to the vinyl format, which is why listening to vinyl is actually a past-time for a whole lotta people. You know, a couple of new records, a six-pack of beer and you've got yourself an evening.

Who gets together at someone's house to check out their hard drive collection?