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While many organizations have taken out cyber-insurance, not all are specifically covered in the event of CEO fraud. This is a grey area in insurance and many refuse to pay up. Despite the presence of a specific cyber insurance policy, the unfortunate fact is that no hardware or software was hacked. It was the human that was hacked instead. Financial instruments can be defined as monetary contracts between parties such as cash currency , evidence of an ownership interest in an entity share , or a contractual right to receive or deliver cash bond.

However, CEO fraud is often categorized as being purely an email fraud and not a financial instrument fraud.

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In other words, it is being regarded in many cases as a matter of internal negligence or email impersonation as opposed to being a financial instrument matter. Coverage extensions have developed to include both the third-party liability and first-party cost and expenses associated with a data breach or cyber-attack. For such an incident to happen, violations of existing policy are likely to be in evidence.

Conduct an internal investigation to cover such violations as well as to eliminate any possibility of any collusion with the criminals. Take the appropriate disciplinary action. When the immediate consequences of the attack have been addressed and full data has been gathered about the attack, draw up a plan that encompasses adding technology and staff training to prevent the same kind of incident from repeating.

Be sure to beef up staff awareness training as a vital part of this. This manual provides a thorough overview of how executives are compromised, how to prevent such an attack and what to do if you become a victim. We have all seen them. Fake news articles that get passed off as legit sources. Misleading memes. But what if these deception techniques were used against you to gain access to your organization?

What if you r All rights reserved. Skip to Main Content. CEO Fraud. Find out how you can prevent this type of attack and what to do if you become a victim. Spear Phishing This is a much more focused form of phishing. Executive Whaling Here, the bad guys target top executives and administrators, typically to siphon off money from accounts or steal confidential data.

These requests appear genuine as they come from the correct email address.

Executive and attorney impersonation: The fraudsters pretend to be lawyers or executives dealing with confidential and time-sensitive matters. Data theft: Fraudulent emails request either all wage or tax statement W-2 forms or a company list of personally identifiable information PII. Who Are The Main Targets? HR Human Resources represents a wonderfully open highway into the modern enterprise.

IT The IT manager and IT personnel with authority over access controls, password management and email accounts are further high-value targets. Can your email address be spoofed? High-Profile Cases The CFO resigned.

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W-2 information of all employees. The CEO claims they are still viable and operating at a profit. The error wasn't noticed for 8 days, by then the money was long gone. Managing Director and CFO fired. On-Demand Webinar: Latest Business Email Compromise Scams - Don't Be the Next Victim The bad guys are getting very creative, impersonating an executive in your organization and asking for financial reports or they ask employees in payroll to make changes to bank accounts.

Technology vs The Human Firewall Most efforts towards risk mitigation concentrate on technology. The Human Firewall Employees are the weak link in any IT department Staff needs to be regularly educated on cyber-threats Each user needs to be able to spot phishing emails from a mile away Regularly testing users with phishing emails keeps them on their toes New-school security awareness training is the way to manage the human firewall problem. Eight Prevention Steps Many steps must dovetail closely together as part of an effective prevention program: 1.

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Set A Security Policy Every organization should set security policy, review it regularly for gaps, publish it, and make sure employees follow it. It should include such things as: Not opening attachments or clicking on links from an unknown source Not using USB drives on office computers Password management policy no reusing passwords, no Post-it notes on screens as password reminders, etc. Include contractors and partners as part of this if they need wireless access when on site.

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Cyber-Risk Planning Develop a comprehensive cyber incident response plan and test it regularly. Augment the plan based on results. Executive leadership must be well informed about the current level of risk and its potential business impact. Management must know the volume of cyber incidents detected each week and of what type. Best practices and industry standards should be gathered up and used to review the existing cybersecurity program.

Training For All Users No matter how good your prevention steps are, breaches are inevitable. User education plays a big part in minimizing the danger so start here: Train users on the basics of cyber and email security Train users on how to identify and deal with phishing attacks with new-school security awareness training Implement a reporting system for suspected phishing emails such as the Phish Alert Button Continue security training regularly to keep it top of mind Frequently phish your users to keep awareness up The best training programs baseline click rates on phishing emails and harness user education to bring that number down.

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Go straight to the top — We want to hear from YOU! At DHL Express we are committed to providing high quality service and we strive to get it right the first time, every time! Direct communication also discourages public broadcasting of issues that Starbucks would prefer to resolve quietly.

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