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She was absent from the kids' life when their father was alive, but reached an agreement with Katherine Jackson after his death that led to visits with them, though it's not clear how much of a relationship she has with them. Murray, who had no training in the use of the drug, was charged with involuntary manslaughter. After a televised trial that took more than six weeks in , a Los Angeles jury found him guilty.

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A judge called him "a disgrace to the medical profession" and sentenced him to four years in prison. He was released two years ahead of schedule because of good behavior and California's prison overcrowding.

Who are the biological parents of Michael Jackson’s Children?

He lost medical licenses in California, Nevada and Texas, and was rejected in when he tried to regain the Texas license. He has kept a low profile since his release, most recently living alone in a condominium in Florida. He spoke to Inside Edition in , maintaining that he had done nothing wrong. I am and I remain an innocent man. But Robson, who became a popular pop-music choreographer as an adult, filed a lawsuit in alleging that Jackson had in fact molested him.

Safechuck filed his own suit with similar allegations the same year.

Who are the biological parents of Michael Jackson’s Children? | Lisa's History Room

Both suits were thrown out on technical grounds, and are now on appeal. Earlier this year, they told their stories in graphic detail in the HBO documentary "Leaving Neverland ," reviving public discussion of Jackson as alleged sexual abuser. Jackson's estate and family have denounced the men's stories as full of falsehoods. Home All Sections Search.

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Jackson's Youngest Was Born in San Diego

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Michael Jackson’s doctor was much admired but financially strapped

More From Star Tribune. Top Stories. Advertise with us Talk with a business consultant Media kit Classifieds. I want to make a separate thread about he secret daughter thing, but I probably shouldn't. What the fuck has happened to this thread. There are threads already on the MJ forum for crazies like Inept02 to freely talk about 'secret children' I don't usually comment on this thread, I just stick to lurking mostly I've asked Christy if she can separate these new secret children into a new thread I don't care.

I'm sick of holding my tongue. I do believe that MJ has kids out there that we don't know about. If MJ got it in as much as we believe he did, then how could he not? I'm just saying. You guys can groan, I respect your guys opinion to believe that he only has three. I, on the other hand, don't believe he only has three. In my opinion, just because they aren't in the will or trust doesn't mean that he doesn't have more. If he does which I believe he does , we don't know what kind of arrangement he may have had with the mother of the child.

I'm not saying that Michael has a ton of kids out there, but why would it be so hard to believe that he may have a few more? You guys can groan and get mad at me if you like, but I think that there is a huge possibility. Can't "secret son" talk be reserved for the Paternity thread or something? No reason to bring it up in multiple threads. Do you want to hear about Omer Bhatti on a daily basis? I know I don't. Hey you guys, I don't know if Chrisy was going to do this, but I thought that I would.

Any talk about secret children can go in this thread. If you guys don't like it, then you can chose to ignore it if you wish. This thread is not made to offend or piss off fans, even though some probably will. We already know about Omer which I don't believe is true There is a girl named Natasha that supposedly is a secret child of his. Here are some photos: Here is the story: "I received an email from someone about a week ago that contained split screen photos of Michael Jackson and a young girl whom they claim to be his long lost daughter.

I sat with this story all week and pondered whether I should post this story. Now again, this story could be as fake as a top story on MediaTakeout. I really dont know.. Before posting this, I went back and forth with the sender of these photos to find out a little backstory on this alleged "daughter of Michael Jackson". I asked her questions like what they have to gain by bringing this story to light, where has the child been all this time, and what kind of proof they have to corroborate this story.

Here is what they told me. RandomTandem: Ok the kid does look like him, but a lot of people look like people theyre not related to.

A timeline of Michael Jackson's sexual abuse allegations

Do you have any other facts? Like who the child's mother is? Proof that Michael had sex with her or donated his sperm to her? DNA tests?

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Does this girl have any relationship with the Jacksons? Informant: I'm limited on what I can say by the family he gave her to so I can't give the documents from this adoption plus they changed her name to keep her from her father but the reason her father Michael gave her up was because of the threats he was receiving at the time and because he was afraid that if this person found out about his daughter this person would try to hurt her as well.

He did intended to get her back after he felt she would be safe with him but the family that he gave his daughter to had no intentions of giving her back because they believed Michael was not safe for her because of what everyone was saying about him. She currently is nineteen and not far from California but no she doesn't have any relationship with the family i don't know if they know about her and the surrogate [Michael] used is not allowed near his daughter the family knows who she is but i don't i know you wont believe me but that song ghost was talking about this.

And he did try looking for her later he went to where she was born in Maryland in jun he was there for like 24hours trying to find out where she is and later July he went to Virgina where she used to live back in '99 but obviously did not find her. Why are you trying to get this story brought to light? Did the family wrong you in some way? What is there to gain from bringing this story to the media and revealing photos of this child?

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