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Note there are way more than just the ten listed below, and this list will likely be expanded on later. A brief description has been posted with each one with a review link included, if available.

2. What kinds of employment background checks are there?

You will be using your own laptop and webcam to interact with the students. You may set your own hours and shifts are two-hour stretches. Pay is done via PayPal. Appen — see Appen review — One of the more popular and successful search engine evaluation companies. If hired, you'll be analyzing search results and helping improve multimedia post suggestion algorithms for big companies like Google and Twitter.

Reviews are around words and must be submitted within two weeks of acceptance. Payment is sent out via check every 60 days. The site has numerous tasks that you can begin doing right away, and you will be allowed to do more and better HITS Human Intelligence Tasks as you gain more experience.

The 8 employer essentials on employment background checks

There are a variety of tasks such as writing, surveys, transcription, and photo tagging. Payout is via direct deposit or Amazon gift cards. Rev — see Rev review This company hires remote transcribers to work from home, and they do not do a background check on potential workers. They pay weekly via Paypal.

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Once accepted, you will be given a level from 2 to 5. The pay varies by level, and pay is weekly.

They now accept proofreaders and have their own forum. This is an employee job and not an independent contractor position. You would be calling newspaper customers as part of a customer retention program. Not the best reputation, but you can get up and running quickly with them. There aren't any difficult experience or educational requirements, but you'll have to answer some test questions during the application process to prove your skills.

WriterAccess — see Writer Access review — This is a content mill where writers can write whenever they want and are accepted at different levels. Pay will vary based on your level of acceptance, but it is one of the better paying content mills. Like most jobs in this field, your hourly earning potential will depend largely on how fast you are.

Scribie — see Scribie review — A transcription service with a very simple setup, and no base experience requirements. Ideal for people interested in trying transcription out to see if it's a good fit for them. Apparently there's always a lot of work available, and you can set your own hours.

Tutlo — see Tutlo review — Another language tutoring service.

Background Checks: What Job Applicants and Employees Should Know

You need at least six months of experience teaching English in some context or another, but there's no requirement for any particular certification, and no mention of a background check. Wordgigs — see Wordgigs review — This freelance SEO content mill doesn't pay the highest rates per article, but their assignments tend to be very short, which means there's generally less research time.

If you're a very fast writer you should probably still be able to make some money, and there are basically no requirements to join, so it's a good place for beginners to start establishing themselves. Fancy Hands — see Fancy Hands review — A virtual assistant company that pays on a per-task basis. Expand the focus of your research so you learn what it takes to be qualified under federal, state and local laws. Some jurisdictions require background investigators to become licensed through their local police departments or county governments; however, some federal agencies require specific certification.

For example, the U.

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  7. Equal Employment Commission offers training for individuals who want to conduct employment and background investigations. Check with state and local law enforcement agencies, your insurance provider and possibly your homeowners' association for rules pertaining to home-based businesses.

    1. Who conducts employment background checks and why?

    Determine the types of background investigation services you intend to offer and inquire about certain licensing requirements for operating out of your home. The type of business may have an impact on your insurance coverage. Your employment as a home-based investigator may require additional coverage for computer and network security, as well as the type of information you may have to store in your home office.

    List your qualifications, skills and credentials. Construct a resume that focuses on your ability to conduct investigations for private sector employers and public agencies. Consider forming a business or registering as a sole proprietorship. Contact the appropriate division within your state government offices for information about the requirements.

    Which are the common police background check disqualifiers?

    Though you are seeking employment as an individual, some background investigator opportunities are open only to registered businesses on a contract or freelance basis. Your qualifications should address your respect for confidentiality and your secure workspace.

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    Consider complementing your portfolio with a schematic of your home office workspace that demonstrates your attention to security, fire and water prevention measures. Search job boards for advertised background investigator positions both near your residence and outside your commuting area. Subscribe to newsletters and professional associations for opportunities not advertised to the public. Most government agencies have links to business opportunities for potential vendors; subscribe to regular announcements from agencies seeking background investigators.

    While some agencies require business license information, others permit individuals to register for business opportunities and requests for proposals. Join professional associations for investigators and attend networking events.

    Interact with other investigators for possible job leads and career opportunities.