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Please review our fee schedule page for a complete list and price of recordable documents. Document must have original signatures and notary stamps. A certified document from another county not York County can be recorded. A new deed must be created in order to make any changes. Please consult an attorney.

A deed is for the property. Deed should have been received after time of settlement. Copies of the deed may be obtained at any time. The lender will submit a satisfaction piece to be recorded, which explains the mortgage is paid in full. The mortgage company may or may not send you a copy of that document- it is their discretion.

You do not receive a deed when the mortgage is paid off, the deed should have already been received when first purchased. If you own the land that the mobile home is on, yes. If not, then no.

Recording Fees

Please contact the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for a title to your mobile home. No, the deed is for property only. Anything built upon the property is that of the property owners. The holder of the mortgage the lender has to execute a satisfaction or release of mortgage. Consult the mortgage holder and let them know of the discrepancy. The mortgage holder must submit a satisfaction piece to our office in order for the mortgage to be considered paid in full. All transfers are emailed to the newspaper company. There are no exceptions. We do not require a copy of the mortgage to be submitted with the satisfaction piece.

If you are claiming exemption from transfer taxes, yes. If you are paying a different consideration than stated on the front of the deed, yes. Be sure to fill out the entire statement of value form and include any attachments it may call for. This form is sent to the Department of Revenue and investigated. The form can be obtained here.

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Right of way unless it's for a utility , easement unless it's for a utility , memorandum of lease, or any other document where a transfer tax is not being paid, or paid in an amount other than stated on the document. If unsure, please contact the office. Consult an attorney to make certain the transfer is fully exempt.

A state ratio based on the sales of real estate to adjust fair market values to a more realistic figure. Please contact us for the current common level ratio. Office employees are not permitted to search titles. We can show you how to use the computers but cannot do any searches for you.

Please consult a title searcher, abstracting company, or an attorney. You can come into the office and search on our computers, or contact a title searcher. Office employees are not allowed to complete searches. Not fully. The only liens in our office are mortgages, which need signed by the borrower. All other liens and judgments are located in the Office of the Prothonotary. If it was recorded, yes. Not all plot plans were recorded. In the event of misplacing the original, it is a good idea to record it.

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You can receive up to three certified copies, and must present photo identification in order to receive those copies. It is free of charge to record. Or you can go into assessment office or our office. The complete street address is required to verify ownership. Review the recital in your current deed. Go to that book and page number, and repeat the process. Nearly all of our documents are available on the public computer terminals, including most of the index books to find older documents.

If the page is illegible on the computer, microfilm and books are available.

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  4. Access to various land records are available, but employees cannot determine genealogy or trace back properties. Please consult the York County Archives for documents other than land records in regards to genealogical research. No, please visit the Clerk of Orphans' Court in the Judicial Center for marriage certificates and the PA Department of Health for information in regards to the other certificates.

    Refer to the property description section of your deed. Mortality Schedules can be obtained for , , and Union Veterans Schedules can be found for You can find free down-loadable and also printable census forms to help you with your research.

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    What genealogical records can I find in the York County Courthouse? The below facts shows exactly what death, marriage, birth, property, wills, and court records are typically in York County. The years listed below are the first noted records with this county. What genealogical and historical societies, archives, museums, associations and libraries are available for York County, PA?


    What other genealogical resources are available in York County, PA? Some have free access some require a cost. This is basically a listing which has been compiled or submitted. I do not recommend or promote one genealogy site over another. Menu Search Navigation. Top Free Ancestry Databases U.