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Dallas County's vote is the latest taxing jurisdiction to raise property taxes before the new caps kick in on January 1, Brad Johnson September 18, Share Tweet LinkedIn Pin. Subscribe Now. Full Name. Dallas County Property Taxes. Related Posts.

On Your Side: Tax Law Puts Every Texas Property Owner at a Disadvantage

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Sarah McConnell. This includes changes caused by market fluctuations, changes in ownership, improvements to the property, and damages.

Dallas County Proposes 8 Percent Tax Hike

The appraisal district is also who you would contact to apply for exemptions and credits to reduce the property taxable value. Once the appraisal period has ended, the property values will be set. However, taxpayers have the right to protest and appeal the assessment. In fact, a tax attorney may advise you to protest annually to keep your tax burden as low as possible.

Be aware that you only have a limited amount of time to protest property tax appraisals, and your appeal must be filed before the deadline posted on your tax statement. Once the Appraisal Review Board hears any scheduled protests and makes a decision, the taxable values are presented to the local taxing units. These local units consider the budget needed for their districts and determine the local tax rates. Property tax rates in Dallas County are set by local taxing districts. Multiple tax districts can overlap on parcels of property, which will impact the total property tax bill.

Dallas County, IA

Examples of tax districts can include independent schools, community colleges, libraries, and essential services, such as fire and rescue emergency and hospital services. In recent years, Texas has seen incredible growth, which has caused significant property values increases and increased the need for vital services provided by the county. As a result, many counties have also been forced to raise the real estate taxes , which places an increasing burden on property owners. Property taxes are assessed based on both the value of the property and the owner of the property as of January 1st each year.

This means that if the property is sold or transferred after this date, the seller may still receive a bill from the tax office. Before any transaction is made, it is important to agree ahead of time what portion of the property tax bill the seller and buyer are each responsible to pay.

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Usually, this is calculated using the date the property actually changes hands. The seller often agrees to pay the prorated property taxes up to the sell date, and the buyer pays the rest.

Dallas-County Property Tax Records - Dallas-County Property Taxes TX

In some cases, a mortgage company will tax care of the property taxes or a different agreement can be made. As the value of Texas property continues to grow, local taxing units have increased tax rates as well. These increases in tax rates have sparked protests, resulting in recent changes to Texas property tax laws.

Property tax bills are usually mailed out in October and taxpayers must pay by January 31st or face penalties and interest. If the county has to hire an attorney to collect a tax debt, extra fees will be assessed, usually as a percentage of the total bill. There are many ways to pay property taxes in Dallas County, Texas. You can pay online using electronic transfers from a bank or by using credit cards and debit cards. Extra fees and charges may apply depending on the method of payment used. For example, credit card networks usually charge a convenience fee as a percentage of the total charge.

It is also possible to take the necessary forms and payments to a local Dallas County tax office or make a payment over the phone. You can also mail in a check or money order.

Dallas County Residents

It is important that the payments are submitted by the due date to avoid penalties and interest mandated by state law. Also, be aware that your mortgage company may not handle every tax bill. If you receive an additional tax bill, contact your mortgage company for more information or reach out to a knowledgeable tax attorney. There are many ways you could lower your property taxes in Dallas County.

A tax attorney can determine if your appraised value is correct and help look for other ways to lower your tax liabilities across the board.

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  • If the property is your primary residence, you may be able to claim a homestead exemption, which will reduce the taxable value. Disabled veterans and property owners who are over 65 or disabled may also qualify for an exemption. Businesses can benefit from freeport exclusions, as well as charitable, religious, and pollution control exemptions.

    If your tax bill is too high to manage, you may be able to set up payment arrangements or even have your tax bill settled for less than the total value. Reach out to Anderson Advisors today to find out what solutions are available for you.

    Remember that deadlines for protesting and appealing an appraisal come quickly—in some cases less than 30 days from when the bill was sent. Another way to lower liability is by protecting your property or business. There are a variety of ways to do this, such as setting up an LLC or creating a trust.

    Contesting Your Property Value

    These options may also let you protect your identity as well as provide liability protection. Dallas County and most of Texas have high property taxes compared to other states. One reason the tax rate is so high in Texas is because the state does not collect income tax. There are other tax benefits as well, such as exemptions for capital gains when selling a residence.

    Other states typically have income tax and other taxes to provide revenue.