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Get the free BBO newsletter: Powered by us. See our Search Spy! Other Sites CrimeTime. Jail Inmates. Brantley County, Georgia. Brantley County Sheriff. These tax collector records can include Brantley County property taxes, business taxes, and other local taxes, and the Clerk Office may have records on paid and unpaid taxes, tax assessments, property appraisals, and any tax liens or foreclosures.

These Brantley County public records also show who paid the taxes and whether they were paid on time. Brantley County Clerk Offices may provide information on appealing a tax assessment, setting up a payment plan for taxes, or qualifying for a tax refund. Tax collector information and records may be posted on the Clerk Office website. The Brantley County Town or City Hall provides municipal functions for a local government, and they can play an important role in tax collection in Georgia.

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Property can not be denied current use assessment for the reason that no soil map is available for the county in which the property is located. The owner making application will, however, be required to provide the county board of tax assessors with a certified soil survey unless another method is authorized in writing by the board.

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Property can not qualify as bona fide conservation use property if it is subject to a restrictive covenant that would prohibit the property from being used for the following purposes:. Production of aquaculture, horticulture, floriculture, forestry, dairy, livestock, poultry, and apiarian products. Once the property has qualified for conservation use assessment and is under a covenant, the owner may change the qualifying use of the property without penalty from one qualifying use to another qualifying use.

The owner must give notice to the county board of tax assessors on or before the last day for the filing of a tax return. Changing from one qualifying use to another qualifying use will affect the limitations on valuation increases or decreases as described below. The current use valuation of any conservation use property may not increase or decrease by more than 3 percent from one year to the next during the covenant period.

If the owner changes the qualifying use of any portion of the land, or adds or removes any qualified improvements, then the tax will be recomputed as if the new use of the property or qualified improvements were in place from the first year the covenant was entered.

For timber land, the income valuation increment of the conservation use valuation is based on the five-year weighted average of per-acre net income from hardwood and softwood harvested in Georgia. Annually the Commissioner produces tables and standards of value for "current use valuation" of properties whose qualifying use is as bona fide conservation use properties. These tables serve as the basis upon which current use valuation of such qualified properties shall be calculated for the applicable tax year.

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The resulting table of current use land values differs according to the soil productivity with "1" being assigned to the most productive land and "9" being assigned to the least productive land. There are eighteen soil productivity classes:. For the purpose of prescribing the current use values for conservation use land, the state shall be divided into the following 9 Conservation Use Valuation Areas CUVA 1 through CUVA 9 and the following accompanying table of per acre land values shall be applied to each acre of qualified land within the CUVA for each soil productivity classification for timber land W1 through W9 :.

For ad valorem tax purposes standing timber is taxed only once following its harvest or sale. Standing timber is taxed at percent of its fair market value. It is subject to taxation even if the land underneath is exempt unless taxation has been prohibited by federal law or treaty. Standing timber is defined to include softwood and hardwood pulpwood, chip and saw logs, saw timber, poles, posts, and fuel wood. Standing timber does not include orchard trees, ornamental or Christmas trees, by products of harvesting bark or stumps , and fuel wood harvested by the owner which is used exclusively for heating the owner's home.

The "sale" of standing timber as defined by O.