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Inmates can only contact lawyers or loved ones on the phone or through protective glass. No touching allowed. It's even more isolating for women, because there are only three of them on their own death row. They're waiting for a commutation or execution. Wow, I got to turn on and off the light by myself, rather than have that be controlled from some central control booth'," Engel said.

Mandalas and other pictures colored by death row inmate James Davis.

The report found a person convicted in the s faced harsher punishment than someone convicted of a similarly crime 20 years later. Death-penalty reform is a tall order in North Carolina. A Elon University poll found 61 percent of people in the state favored the death penalty. View the discussion thread. North Carolina has not executed a condemned prisoner since Samuel Flippen was put to death by lethal injection more than 10 years ago.

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Still, 16 convicted murderers have been sent to death row since then. Some prisoners, three of them women, sit on North Carolina's death row, awaiting a fate that might never come.

Inmate released from Nevada prison after decades on death row

All but 46 were convicted before A rush to execute death row inmates in Arkansas led to national concern about the use of the death penalty. It is entirely reasonable to believe I could gain relief from my death row sentence through the appellate courts. Since , the reversal rate of death sentences on appeal in North Carolina is nearly 75 percent. During that time, there have been eight exonerations.

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The most recent exoneree, Henry McCallum, was released after 30 years on death row and hindered by his lack of education. It is imperative that I pursue every educational opportunity regardless of whatever relief may come of my appeals. There is, for example, a small number of degree-bearing prisoners who mentor young, uneducated prisoners or facilitate educational programs within the prison system. Considering the recent systemic failures that have made NC prisons more dangerous for staff and offenders, encouraging individual rehabilitative efforts, rather than discouraging and obstructing them, is critical to changing that violent narrative.

As a former warden from Ohio, Commissioner Ishee seems to be aware of this.

North Carolina death row prisoners to argue sentences tainted by race - CBS News

Higher education addresses both of these needs. While on death row, Lyle May earned an associates of arts degree from Ohio University. He is currently enrolled in a bachelor's program in criminal justice administration.

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