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Over the next several months, many Ohio county auditors will complete the required six-year tax appraisal of all properties located in their counties. This will be the first reappraisal since and is likely to lead to significant increases in tax valuations. The task of reappraising every property in the county is no small task.

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Franklin County, for example, will be setting new values for more than , parcels while more than , will need to be revalued in Hamilton County. All of this is done through mass appraisal techniques that do not allow for consideration of the unique challenges facing a property.

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While for the Columbus market, CoStar reports increases in asking rents between and first quarter ranging from 25 percent for retail to 10 percent for office, the general increases are not shared by each property in the market. Since the county has limited ability to make special considerations for each unique property, part of the responsibility for making sure that properties are fairly assessed falls upon property owners and their advisors.


Property owners need to review their individual assessments to determine if they are truly reflective of market value for that property. Many of the auditors will be notifying property owners via mail of the proposed new tax valuations and holding informal meetings to review those valuations prior to finalizing the assessed values. If a property owner wants to challenge the assessment, this is an important opportunity that should not be ignored.

Budget asks for higher sales tax and lower p

It will be true open bidding. However, if the winning bid is not enough to cover court costs and property taxes, the winning bidder will be responsible for those in addition to their winning bid amount.


No interest is paid on these proceeds. Proceeds from the sale are paid out after the attorney handling the foreclosure files an Order of Confirmation and Distribution with the court. The time frame for the Confirmation Entry being filed is 30 days from the date of sale. After all funds are paid to the sheriff, our fiscal office will see that the deed is recorded and upon completion of the recording the deed will be available for pick up in Room South Building of the Hamilton County Justice Center.

Hamilton County, Ohio Assessor's Office

The offered property is sold for an amount equal to the back taxes plus expenses associated with the sale. All research on tax properties should be done on the book, page and parcel contained in the sale advertisement and not on any address that may be contained in the advertisement..

If a tax sale property fails to sell on the first sale date, it is offered for sale a second time two weeks later.

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If it does not sell at the second offering it can then be declared forfeited land. Hamilton County Land Reutilization reviews all unsold properties and may claim some for their use.

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This sale occurs on properties whose tax liens have been sold in bulk to a third party. This entity has a specified period of time to try to collect delinquent taxes and costs from the homeowner. If unsuccessful, the sheriff will attempt to sell these properties at a minimum bid that is equal to the delinquent taxes plus all costs associated with the case.

If a property fails to sell on the first sale date, it is offered for sale a second time two weeks later. If it does not sell at the second offering, ownership of the property will be transferred to the entity that bought the tax lien certificate, and will most likely be offered for sale at a later time by a real estate agent through traditional property sale methods. You are urged to obtain competent legal advice before bidding at a sale.

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  • The Cincinnati Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service can be contacted at to obtain a list of attornies who deal in real estate matters. If the property is vacant and absent of personal property, you may take possession of the property as soon as the sale is confirmed by the court and the balance of your bid has been paid.

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    If the property is owner occupied, and the sale has been confirmed and balance paid, you will need to file a Writ of Possession in Room in the Hamilton County Courthouse. We will put the owner on notice that they will need to move.