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These divisions provide the specialized support services for all court actions related to these areas. This includes:. Self-help Law Center.

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Skip to Main Content. Sign In. Clerk of Courts The Clerk of Court's office, through dedication and professionalism, shall strive for service excellence to the Circuit Court and general public of St. Services The Clerk of Court's office is a public administrative entity, charged by Statute to provide administrative and record-keeping services for the circuit courts and the citizens of St.

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  4. Divisions The complexity of the office and the duties involved necessitate departmentalizing the work into areas of: Accounting Civil County Ordinance Violations Criminal Family Juvenile Ordinance Violations Paternity Small Claims Traffic Support These divisions provide the specialized support services for all court actions related to these areas. Please contact an attorney if you have legal questions or call the lawyer referral service at A Free Legal Clinic is available the second Wednesday of every month from 6 p. Croix County Government Center. Bruns v. Muniz, 97 Wis.

    Hedtcke v. Sentry Ins. Oostburg Bank v.

    Wisconsin Court System - Circuit court forms

    United Savings, Wis. Brookhouse v. State Farm Mutual Insurance Co. Ford Motor Co. Lyons, Wis. Clark County v.

    Structures, Wis. Chitwood v. Smith Harvestore, Wis. Sentry Insurance v. Royal Insurance Co. Schopper v. Gehring, Wis. State v.

    Elliot, Wis. A court must look beyond the cause of the neglect to the interests of justice, considering both the need to afford litigants a day in court and to ensure prompt adjudication.

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    Whether the dilatory party acted in good faith, whether the opposing party was prejudiced, and whether prompt remedial action took place are factors to consider. An attorney who relied on an oral courtesy agreement whose terms were not disputed and promptly filed for an extension acted with excusable neglect. Rutan v.

    Miller, Wis.

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    Klingbeil v. Perschke, Wis. Connor v.


    Connor, WI 49 , Wis. Johnson Bank v. Brandon Apparel Group, Inc. While prompt remedial action after the expiration of the statutory time limit is a material factor bearing on whether relief should be granted, it does not eliminate the requirement that a dilatory party demonstrate excusable neglect for its initial failure to meet the statutory deadline. Estate of Otto v. Physicians Insurance Company of Wisconsin, Inc. Rather, s. Parker v. During the appellate process under ss. Henley, WI 97 , Wis. Courts should carefully scrutinize what steps an organization has taken to avoid such mishaps, how quickly the organization responds when it discovers its delinquency, and whether its delay has caused prejudice to the plaintiffs.

    Casper v. Baker v. Parlee, WBB April, The judge may require that the person filing the papers provide a copy to the judge. To provide uniformity, any local rule shall specify a page limit for a facsimile transmission, unless an exception is approved by the assigned judge or court commissioner on a case-by-case basis. No additional copies may be sent.

    How to Reopen Your Divorce Case

    The clerk of circuit court shall discard any duplicate papers subsequently received by the clerk of circuit court, assigned judge, or court commissioner. The expanded availability of time to file shall not affect the calculation of time under other statutes, rules, and court orders. Documents submitted by facsimile transmission completed after p. Sorenson, WI 43 , Wis. The circuit court should have rejected an affidavit and proposed order submitted by a child support agency that was submitted directly and exclusively to the judge.

    Teasdale v. Under prior law, fax filings were required to arrive at the office of the clerk of court before the end of the regular business day in order to be considered filed on that day. In contrast, the mandatory electronic filing statute, s.